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Gambian Investigators Discover A Dozen Properties Belonging To Exile President Yahya Jammeh!!

A week ago, Gambian President Adama Barrow announced the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry into the assets of former President Yehya Jammeh in the Gambia. And already, this commission began to carry its first results. A dozen properties, bank accounts and companies belonging to Jammeh were discovered.


The Ministry of Justice has unveiled this Friday, July 21, the list of properties of the former head of state of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh. According to the minister, this is exactly 49 properties listed in the capital of The Gambia, Banjul, 6 bank accounts and three companies. The list was submitted to the High Court of Justice.

The current head of state Adama Barrow, announced a week earlier, the creation of the commission to shed light on the assets of his predecessor. Indeed, Yahya Jammeh is accused of having enriched himself with public money, and of stealing several million dollars from the state coffers.

In May 2016, the court had announced the seizure of about $ 50 million of assets. It had frozen its 80 bank accounts and got hold of 131 properties owned by Yahya Jammeh.

A few months later, in December, Yahya Jammeh had lost the elections against Adama Barrow, but had refused for weeks to give up power.

On mediation by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), he finally resolved to an exile to Equatorial Guinea. Upon his departure, rumors accused him of looting the state coffers before the Gambian Central Bank denied them.


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