Gambian Government Frees Nearly 100 Prisoners From Yahya Jammeh’s Era!!


Gambian authorities have liberated 98 detainees, for the most part from the famous Mile 2 jail, an inside service representative said on Friday, as the nation tries to turn another leaf on the tyrant period of removed previous president Yahya jammeh.

The release comes just two weeks after 170 others were freed.


The Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow was sworn in last month after the ouster of the now-exiled Jammeh, who had refused to step aside following his defeat in the December 1 election.Barrow replaced the head of the military, seen as a major player in Jammeh’s government, and dismissed several senior military officers.

The former head of prisons was arrested.

Rights groups say Jammeh’s opponents were tortured, and some died, in detention centres including the Mile 2 Central Prison in Banjul.


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