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Gambian Army Audit: What President Adama Barrow Uncovered!!


The new Gambian president wants to ensure that the Gambian army is not infiltrated by foreigners, including Casamance rebels. The authorities have just completed an audit on the identity and composition of the men of the Gambian national army, a check which began on 17 April and ended on 4 May at the Yundoum military camp, the most Of the country. The Bbc, taken over by the daily L’As, informs that during the audit, soldiers had to present supporting documents attesting to their Gambian nationality.

Military sources said they had met soldiers who could not read, write and speak English, the official language of the Gambia, according to the daily, that the audit also highlighted soldiers who never Been seen in any military camp in the country. These are among the finds, among others, that will help President Adama Barrow to better restructure the Gambian army, concludes the confrere.

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