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Gambia: Social Networks Flooded by a Secret Registration of Yahya Jammeh

A recording of Yahya Jammeh in great discussion with members of his party, the Patriotic Alliance for Reorientation and Construction (APRC), has surfaced and circulated on social networks since the weekend of July 14.

A discussion that shows that the former president still has his hand on his party. The voice of the former leader had not been heard in the Gambia since his departure in exile in Equatorial Guinea in early 2017.

This voice, the Gambians recognize it instantly. It has been their daily life for 22 years. And it is with her that the APRC executives, including its acting president, will seek advice. They admitted to having called Yahya Jammeh during the month of June.

From Equatorial Guinea, it is still him today who settles the disputes within his political family. In the leaked recording, we hear it say that it is necessary to “expel Bou Jarju” from the party so that it “does not divide”.


Not a word on the other hand on the freezing of property of the former president nor on the campaign to bring him to justice. No comment either on his life as an exile, or analysis of the presidency of Adama Barrow.

Yahya Jammeh plans to return to Gambia one day

But during the conversation, we learn that Yahya Jammeh is certain to return one day to his native country. “I’ll warn you: everything I’ve predicted about The Gambia is coming,” he says, before saying “when it’s time to return to the Gambia, no human being, no spirit can prevent it. “

To his interlocutors who agree, the former head of state asks by then to “stay focused, even if the situation is difficult . 

This exchange confirms that Yahya Jammeh still maintains links with his Gambian supporters from his country of exile.


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