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GAMBIA: Shooting At Yaya Jammeh’s Village, Kanilai Heated Yesterday!!

It is an exchange of shots between the soldiers of the ECOWAS mission (MICEGA) and the Gambian military.

Shooting at Yaya Jammeh: Kanilai heated yesterday
The incident took place as MICEGA soldiers traveled early Thursday morning to Kanilai to search the house of Yahya Jammeh in search of an alleged weapons cache.
The soldiers of the Gambian army on duty, denied access to the men of MICEGA. According to our sources, there was an exchange of shots in which two pro-Jammeh soldiers were wounded. They were immediately evacuated to the hospital.
An investigation was opened by the Gambian army and the MICEGA command. On April 4, the same group of Gambian soldiers on duty at Kanilai forced a unit of their colleagues from the Yundum military camp to turn back. They were to go to Alla Kunda

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