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Gambia: President Adama Barrow Makes A U-Turn, Decides To Hunt Down Yahya Jammeh!!

The situation is calm in The Gambia, where the Ecomog troops have managed to secure the country, with the complicity of the Gambian armed forces and security forces. Senegal has also profited to settle its accounts with certain fringes of the Casamance rebellion that scattered at the arrival of troops of the ECOWAS.

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All told, the new president Adama Barrow does not want to leave unpunished his predecessor.

Yesterday, on Monday, the Minister of Justice of the Gambia, Abubacar Tambadou, held a press conference to announce the freezing by his services of all the assets of Yahya Jammeh.

His property, not transferred to Malabo in Equatorial Guinea, will have to include cars, land, his small Kanilai Palace, his real headquarters, from which many of his activities were carried out, even if the Minister did not Of the property complained of.

The Justice of the Gambia accuses Yahya Jammeh of having succeeded, directly or indirectly, in collecting colossal sums of money estimated at 50 million dollars, according to the Chancellery.

The new Minister of Justice, who considers these sums to belong to the Gambian state, recalls that they were withdrawn before the ex-president’s departure in exile.

This action follows last week the arrest of three brothers of Yahya. These are Jalamang Jammeh, Sainey Jammeh and Araba Jammeh. One of them has been released for health reasons.

That is to say that the new strong man of Banjul is determined to track down Jammeh. The arrest and interrogation of his brothers on the premises of the Police stems from a desire to make the most of information on the management of Yahya, especially regarding the disappearance of people, property, Connections with Gambian and foreign personalities.

For reasons of security and to avoid any eventuality, the Gambian authorities also want to know everything about possible weapons caches and other useful information.

It is true that, for the moment, nothing can be attempted against Jammeh in person because Equatorial Guinea has not signed the Treaty of Rome establishing the International Criminal Court (ICC) Extradition with The Gambia.

But in Banjul, nothing is neglected to convince the international community more of the guilt of the former President.

Yet his supporters in the Gambia are not allowed to do so. His party, the Patriotic Alliance for Reorientation and Reconstruction (APR), met the day before yesterday to celebrate the five parliamentary seats obtained during the last legislative elections and to identify future prospects.

In any case, it is questionable whether the new Gambian authorities are not in the process of violating the pact that was signed in a joint ECOWAS-AU-UN statement.

Indeed, while Senegal and the Gambia have denied the existence of guarantees, a communiqué signed by these international bodies was made public. A 14-point document signed in Banjul on January 21, 2017, which allowed Yahya to leave, believing he had covered his rear.

The protocol states in point 8: ”  ECOWAS, the AU and the UN undertake to cooperate with the Government of the Gambia to prevent the seizure of property and property legally belonging to the former President Jammeh or his family and those of his Cabinet members, officials and guardians, under the Constitution and other laws of The Gambia “.

Point 7 of that Protocol also provides guarantees as regards the protection of his family. “ECOWAS, the AU and the United Nations urge the Government of the Gambia to take all necessary measures to ensure and ensure that there will be no intimidation, harassment and / Witch hunting of former members of the regime and supporters, in accordance with the Constitution and other laws of The Gambia “.

But as we can see, there has been no firm commitments binding the co-signatories under international law. ECOWAS, the AFRICAN UNION and the UN have only “pledged to collaborate with the Government of the Gambia to …” or “urge the Government of the Gambia to take all necessary measures to …”.

In fact, as Senegal and Adama Barrow have pointed out, Yahya Jammeh did not really get guarantees.He had gone quickly, forced. The evidence shows that some of his cars that should be embarked in a Chadian cargo plane could not be because the Gambian authorities had refused a second flight from the plane after a first trip took place.

Like what, Barrow just waiting to get his hands on Yahya. This is unlikely at the moment.

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