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In Gambia: Jammeh Supporters Forbidden To Celebrate Victory In The Fony, Several Wounded!!


President Adame Barrow, who promised more freedom or even respect for human rights in the Gambia, is turning into a monster. Indeed, learned that throughout the night from Thursday to Friday, several Yaya Jammeh activists were arrested in localities like Sibanor, in the Fony area and Diabugu Bapata Diabugu, located in the Sandu district.


In these areas, Adama Barrow’s party suffered a beating. Unhappy with the defeat, Barrow, his supporters and some of the civilian policemen wanted to ban Yaya Jammeh’s supporters from demonstrating their victory. The latter opposed this forfeiture and until yesterday in the day. learned yesterday that some villages did not celebrate Friday prayers. At the moment we write these lines, the police officers of the PIU unit, make arrests with APRC members or the Diolas ethnic group. A kind of reprisal. Do not be surprised that they are charged for attempted coup. We must remember in this election the party of Yaya Jammeh obtained 05 deputies.
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