Gambia Declared As An Islamic State

The President of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh has declared the country as an Islamic state.

He, in an interview with the state’s TV said the declaration was in line with Gambia’s “religious identity and values.”

According to the BBC an official statement
released on his office’s website Saturday said
“Gambia’s destiny is in the hands of the Almighty
Allah. As from today, Gambia is an Islamic state.
We will be an Islamic state that will respect the
rights of the citizens.”


He is also reported to have said “as Muslims are
the majority in the country, the Gambia cannot
afford to continue the colonial legacy.”

On 18 February 1965, the Gambia gained
independence from the United Kingdom.

Since gaining independence, the Gambia has had two
leaders – Dawda Jawara, who ruled from 1970 until
1994, when the current leader Yahya Jammeh seized
power in a coup as a young army officer.

According to Gambia’s official figures, Muslims
comprise 90 percent of its 1.5 million

Source – Citifmonline


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