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Gambia – Adama Barrow Marks 100 Days In Office With No Vice President Yet!! What Has Changed?

Last Sunday, May 28, will dedicate the 100 days that Adama Barrow spent at the head of the Gambia. Indeed, on February 18, he was sworn in his country after a first ceremony during his exile in Dakar. He said: “The Gambia has changed forever.” During the parliamentary elections, the Gambians preferred him and his coalition to the party of the dictator Yahya Jammeh. In spite of everything, after just over three months in power, everything remains to be proved.

First misstep of the new president : officially, there is still no vice president at the moment. Adama Barrow wishes to appoint Fatoumata Tambajang, but it exceeds the age limit of 65 years. Therefore, unless it revises the Constitution, it will exercise this position informally.

And supporters of the APRC, the party of the former president, do not hesitate to point this first couac. For Pa Ebou Sanneh, a faithful of the party, is proof that the country can not continue without Yahya Jammeh. “It’s going to be four months, and we still do not have a vice-chair. As for electricity, let’s be honest, has it been like that in the past 22 years? And that’s just the beginning ! “ He criticizes.

In the Assembly, no promised legislative reform has yet been presented. The first reforms are expected, according to the government, by the end of August.


But little progress on the judicial side : the country has reinstated the International Criminal Court. The president also obtained the release of political opponents and the freezing of Yahya Jammeh’s property in the country. It remains to be seen whether the judicial system will be able to judge the relatives of the dictator, whereas the trial of former agents of the secret services has dragged on for months.

As for the economic situation, it is very delicate: the state coffers are empty. So far, Adama Barrow is betting on opening up internationally, collecting promises of aid and visits from foreign investors.

But the biggest problem, according to Ismaila Ceesay, a political science teacher at the University of the Gambia, is the lack of vision of Adama Barrow’s government. “We do not hope in 100 days that the government will solve the economic difficulties, nor do we hope that it finds a solution to the unemployment crisis, what is expected is that they expose their Project for the country. But by failing, it means that they do not know in which direction they are going, “he points out.

Finally, the biggest change is the freedom of expression that has been rediscovered. For the information minister, Demba Jawo, the detractors soon forget one of the biggest progress made since the departure of Yahya Jammeh. “It’s hard to put a finger on something tangible that really has changed. But if you go out on the street, people can talk freely, they are no longer afraid that someone will come and beat them at night, to stop them, at least it is proof that there are already Advanced, “he says.

A freedom that the Gambians do not hesitate to use to begin to criticize their new government in their eyes a little too slow.

“We changed our leader, which we all hoped for, and now we have a new president. Let us give him time and little by little we will get there. I expect that the supply of electricity will improve because, without electricity, no development. So I want to see them work on this subject and also on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. We want it to be put in place so that we can forgive and move on. “


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