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Gabourey Sidibe Reveals Her 2018 Health Resolution


Gabourey Sidibe is revealing her 2018 plans. And she started by recently announcing on Twitter that she would be off duty this year so that she could get a “personal time” to recover from having her tonsils surgically removed.

“I’ve decided to undergo tonsillectomy, and so I deserve to take 2018 off as my personal time to rest from [this] huge adult decision that I just made,” Sidibe revealed. “Please just respect my privacy during this time.”


While her comment about taking 2018 off might sound like a joke, Sidibe’s followers did not seem to catch on—with most of them wishing the 34-year-old Empire star a speedy recovery.

Sidibe—a nominee for an Actress Oscar for her 2009 role in ‘Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire’—has been appearing on Fox’s Empire ever since the Lee Daniels and Danny Strong show debuted in Jan. 2015.

Sibide plays Becky Williams on the series. She began her now-advanced career, as an executive assistant before advancing to ‘Head of A&R’ at the Empire label.

But the actress has been experiencing a lot of challenges. Sidibe is not a stranger to surgeries! Apart from a tonsillectomy, Sibide underwent weight loss surgery in 2016, a move that she admitted to helping her find confidence.

“I think I used to see my body as an enemy. It was not part of me. But now I’ve won,” she said after losing weight. “I wish I had not wasted much of my time being mad at it because: had I began treating it better earlier, I wouldn’t have spent many years hating myself. Life is truly all about decisions and choices. I wish I’d chose to love my body sooner, but I finally have.”

However, the only thing Sibide doesn’t want now is anyone congratulating her for losing weight.

“That just annoys me because I am just like, ‘don’t congratulate me for that,’” she warned (oh no! I don’t believe she added this). “If you are going to congratulate me for losing weight, please also congratulate me each time I pee.”

“Congratulate me each time I burp. Because my body has nothing to do with you. So I don’t need your support for it.”

She added her bitter remarks: “My body will always remain to be my body as it has always been. And you have got nothing to do with it. You’re just kind of a stranger. This’s just my body. This’s just my face, and this is just mine alone.”

Of course, it is her body, so let’s respect it and leave it to her alone.


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