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Gabonese President Ali Bongo: “I thought that today it is better to listen to my people”

“Face to the Nation” , the first talk show since Ali Bongo came to power, aired Thursday, July 30. The Gabonese president has exchanged directly with his people directly.

The questions that were deemed “hot” were pre-recorded via Facebook and Whatsapp. Two journalists moderated the show on the set.

“I get several reports from governors, prefects and even special services, but I thought that today it is better to listen to my people,” Ali Bongo said.

On the question of insecurity, says RFI, Ali Bongo promised to strengthen the local police but “not to extort the citizens.”

About the housing deficit, the head of state acknowledged that the power was lost at a time.


For austerity measures, which are shunned by officials, Ali Bongo said that even the international community, often little tend towards him, congratulates him.

When asked by a lady who asked why the president does not release political prisoners, he replied: “There are no political prisoners in Gabon. There are compatriots who are now in prison for acts of violence they have committed. I can only thank those who have already been tried and sentenced. “

Sayings described as “grotesque lie” at the top of the state, by some compatriots who argue that Mr. Bongo said untruths about it. In other words, that there are indeed political prisoners.

It should be noted that Gabon counts about twenty political prisoners according to the data of an NGO. They are mainly made up of people imprisoned since the post-election crisis of 2016.


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