Gabon: President Ali Bongo Convicts Journalist For Defamation.

On Thursday, October 5, following a complaint filed by the Gabonese president at the Paris Criminal Court, the journalist Pierre Péan was asked to pay a fine of 1000 euros fine or face jail sentence. The latter suggested that Ali Bongo was the sponsor of several assassination attempts against Jean-Pierre Lemboumba.

It was in his book ” Nouvelles affaires africaines” published in 2014 by Éditions Fayard that the journalist Pierre Péan wrote the passages in question. He implied that the Gabonese president was behind two attempted assassinations against Jean-Pierre Lemboumba. The latter conspired to prevent the son of Omar Bongo from succeeding his father.


” A contract has been put on his head. He is a thug from Le Havre who is responsible for execution. The PJ finds the originator: a Korean close to Ali Bongo, “writes Pierre Péan.

According to the 17 th Chamber of the Paris Correctional Court ”  these accusations are very serious and formulated so how the evidence base is insufficient  .”

These remarks, reported by Pierre Péan, are those of Jacques Foccart. He told the journalist that the first assassination attempt had been more or less inspired by Ali Bongo. An allegation judged “too vague” by the court, which also refuted the remarks reported by Pierre Péan.

In its judgment, the Criminal Court sentenced journalist Pierre Péan and his editor Sophie de Closets to pay a fine of 1,000 euros each and one euro of damages to the complainant.


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