Gabon Displaces Nigeria, Tops List of African Countries With the Highest Consumption of Alcohol In 2017, According to WHO.

The World Health Organization recently published a report on alcohol consumption in the world. In Africa, it turns out that the first country consuming alcohol is Gabon.

According to the recently published World Health Organization report on alcohol consumption, Gabon ranks first among African countries with an average of 9.01 liters of pure alcohol per year and per capita of more than 15 years. Then comes Nigeria with 8.9 liters of alcohol per year, then Uganda with 8.33 liters, South Africa is in 4th place with 7.77 liters. Rwanda is in 5th place with 7.12 liters.

In Chad, for example, annual consumption peaks at 33.9 liters. In the Gambia, it reaches 30.9 liters, in Mali, 29.3 liters, while in the United Arab Emirates it amounts to 32.8 liters.


The study also revealed a remarkable fact. Indeed, the World Health Organization (WHO) notes that Muslim countries are, contrary to what might be thought, equally concerned with alcohol consumption. In North Africa, Tunisia occupies the 33rd place with 1.26 liters of pure alcohol per year and per inhabitant over 15 years; Morocco in the 43rd place with 0.45 liter, and Egypt in the 45th rank with 0.20 liter. Algeria, meanwhile, comes to the penultimate place with 0.11 liter per year and per inhabitant over 15 years, just in front of Niger, according to the WHO.

According to the WHO, excessive consumption of alcohol causes 2.5 million deaths each year, mostly among young people. Alcohol consumption is the third most common risk factor for illness in the world.


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