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Gabon: A Special Request Addressed To President Emmanuel Macron By The Supporters Of Jean Ping!!


Last Sunday, on the sidelines of the investiture of the new French president, a peaceful demonstration was organized in Libreville, in front of the French embassy. It is the work of supporters of the opponent, unfortunate candidate in the August 2016 presidential election, Jean Ping.

Objective of the peaceful demonstration, attract the attention of the new French president, and lead him to consider their leader Jean Ping, as the new president of Gabon.

For many Gabonese, it is a comedy in the tropics, especially when we know that for Jean Ping to be recognized as President of Gabon, this is not a role devolved to France. Gabon, says a law student, is a sovereign state with functioning institutions.

These explanations, the partisans do not hear from this ear. For them, the Sunday demonstration is a sign that they do not give up.

According to our confreres of Africanews, Jean Ping thinks in any case, impose itself on the new tenant of the Elysee.

The proof, on May 7, Jean Ping had congratulated Emmanuel Macron after his victory against Marine Le pen.

In his letter, the unfortunate Gabonese candidate had taken care to state that he was writing to the new French president, in his capacity as “elected president of the Gabonese Republic”. He added, in an interview: “I will be the President of the Republic of Gabon. He will be obliged to recognize him even if he did not want to .

Since Sunday, let us remember, no communication about the Sunday demonstration in Libreville of the followers of Ping, was made on the side of Paris. Ping’s supporters also announce that more and more protests will be held in order to make their voices heard by Macron.

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