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Gabon: A Police Officer Launches A Tear Gas Grenade In A Minibus Filled With High School Students (VIDEO)

To prevent high school students from getting into a minibus, a policeman threw a tear gas grenade into the vehicle, giving rise to a panic scene. The incident was filmed by a witness and broadcast on social networks.

A gendarme who tried to prevent high school students from getting into a minibus in Libreville, Gabon, on November 8, suddenly lost his temper. While the situation was visibly tense for several minutes, the gendarme launched a tear gas grenade inside the vehicle, whose passenger compartment, which already had passengers, was immediately filled with smoke (around 1’30 in the video below).

The images of the incident, filmed by a witness, measure the degree of panic that then seized the crowd. In the midst of the frantic cries, we see passengers in the minibus trapped and people outside who break the windows of the vehicle to help them out.


A witness of the scene, quoted by the site “The Observers” of France 24 , confided that the situation had become aggravated after a high school student made some unkind words about a gendarme, who would have market on the foot: “We want to go to school, do not bother us, if you did not go to school it’s not our fault.” Three people including a pregnant woman were injured at the time. incident, according to this witness.

According to the same source, the Libreville taxis bus regularly refuse to take high school students on board, insofar as they would be “synonymous with disorder” because of the solidarity that some of them show with the strikes. teachers.


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