G20: For Vladimir Putin, “All Politically Motivated Sanctions Are Doomed To Failure”  

On the eve of the G20, the Russian president published a platform in the German daily Handelsblatt, expressing Moscow’s hopes and plans for international governance.

On the eve of the G20 summit to be held on July 7 in Hamburg, Germany, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the German daily Handelsblatt  his expectations of the summit.

In recent years, the G20 has emerged as a mechanism absolutely necessary to defend the joint interests of the world’s major economic powers, according to the Russian president. By carrying out coordinated actions, the G-20, according to him, has taken the necessary steps to overcome the financial crisis and lay the foundations for better global governance.

G20: For Vladimir Putin, "politically motivated sanctions are doomed to failure"

For the Russian head of state, the success of the G20 is based on respect for the opinions of each member, “no matter how large its economy and its place in the international monetary and financial system”.

Politically motivated sanctions […] are not only doomed to failure, they also run counter to the principles of cooperation of G20 countries

Political sanctions hamper cooperation of G20 countries

Vladimir Putin also welcomes the inclusion on the agenda of the G20 of issues of sustainable development, climate change, the fight against terrorism and corruption, health, migration and refugees.


For the Russian president, the old economic models have almost exhausted their possibilities and potential. According to him, “protectionism becomes the norm”, while sanctions affecting the areas of trade, investment and technology transfer “are politically motivated and constitute a form of masked protectionism”. According to Vladimir Putin, these sanctions are not only doomed to failure, they also run counter to the principles of cooperation of the G20 countries.

Moscow “will do its best” to facilitate the implementation of the Paris climate agreements

Russia has exceeded its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol (an international agreement signed in 1997 aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions), according to Vladimir Putin. And he adds in the gallery that the Paris agreement of April 2016 constitutes for Moscow a reliable international legal framework for a treatment of the climate issue.

Moscow says it intends to do its best to facilitate the implementation of the climate agreement … while recently US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris agreements .

On the Internet, yes to freedom, not to impunity

Another key theme of the forum is freedom of expression and the protection of human rights in the computer and media domains. Vladimir Putin recalls that Russia advocates free access to communication technologies, including the internet. For him, therefore, it is of paramount importance to protect individual liberty in the digital sphere, as in any other sphere, without, however, freedom giving way to permissiveness and impunity. This would lead to “a spread of cybercrime, groups of hackers and all those who encroach on the privacy of individuals or state sovereignty by using advanced technologies,” said the Russian president.


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