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Future Fest Conference: What Does the Future of the Digital Age Look Like?

Africa is an example of how technology can enable massive jumps in what is possible for a country and even a continent

Today, however, the concept of development is inconceivable without digital access. In an increasingly connected world that is unrelentingly zoned in to digital technology, the countries are trying to bridge the digital divide with their population.

A group of students from ALU

So then, what are the possible solutions for equipping young Africans with the best skills that would help them prepare for the digital economy and for the jobs of tomorrow?That is what the 3-day future  fest conference seeks to answer.

Panelists discussing future of digital economy on day one of the Future fest conference in Mauritius.

The three day conference been held in Mauritius brought together participants ranging from industry leaders,investors,innovators, and academia to ensure that no one is left offline.

With topics ranging from future of digital economy,future of cultural innovation , future of technological innovations,future of social mobility participants and panelists came all ready to acquire knowledge on the digital revolution.

Part of the future fest conference participants

According to Emmanuel Nuesri ,the organizer of the future fest conference,”this was the first of its kind that hopes to create gravitus on conversations about the future coming in the wake of the UN celebration of its 50th anniversary seeking to advance the theme ‘’The future’’

Emmanuel Nuesri,lead organizer Future fest conference

Women in the industry also present shared their experiences hoping to bring more women into the tech industry and combat inequalities in technology use and access, especially for economic empowerment.

We spoke to CEO of Red Dot, Min Lee,An innovation consultancy based in Mauritius specializing in digital and social innovation.

CEO Red Dot,Min Lee

And she urged women to always be on the forefront in taking up opportunities.

She sees digital revolution” as a force for change, and enjoys pushing the limits of human imagination so that we can all think bigger, understand deeper, and grow the pie. “

Digital revolution has also brought about technological innovation that was widely canvassed in some of the sessions,not only in the digital economy blockchain and cryptocurrency but also digital healthcare ,and now robots such as Sophia are been put in place.

CGTN’s Dinah Matengo interviews one of the participants

Speaking in one of the panel discissions,Jawahar Hathal noted that ‘’Future of a digital world is to make a small human,but there’s a huge demarcation between a robot and a human being we need to be more human beings than robots”

In retrospect this technological innovation might see loss of jobs and to avert this situation ,Hathal says there’s need to change the learning system in Africa and ensure kids are learning coding and programming at a young age .

The conference been organized by the African leadership university (ALU) will also be seeking solutions to the future of a cultural identity in a digital society that is bound to be massively affected by this shift.


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