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Funny! Watch: South African Players Stop to ‘Dab’ Midway Through Game

In news that will infuriate those who love to sigh despairingly about how ‘the game’s gone mad’, two Free State players in South Africa decided to stop playing mid way through their game with Platinum Stars (incredible name for a football club) to perform a dab.

While Manchester United duo Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard have been known to use the move to celebrate a goal, Langelihle Ndlovu and Pule Mmodi each knocked one out (steady on) while in possession of the ball.


Such showboating is known, brilliantly, as ‘Piano and Shoeshine’ in South Africa and, for my money, players taking time out to dab or perform any sort of dance move during a game of football, is the most seminal moment in the modern era of the sport.

Watch the video below:




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