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Full Text of Emmerson Mnangagwa’ Speech: ‘I’ll be President of all Zimbabweans’

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the 2018 harmonised elections where Zimbabweans went out in their millions to vote after a hard fought, competitive and at times heated campaign leading to a peaceful and transparent voting process, is a celebration of democracy and a festival of unfettered freedom, which Zimbabweans have to be proud of.

Addressing local and international media at State House in Harare this Friday evening, the President said with all eyes on Zimbabwe, the country delivered a free, fair, and credible election as the new dispensation had always promised despite challenges.

“No democratic process is flawless and ours was no exception,” said President Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe invited foreign media and regional and international observers, opening up the democratic exercise to the world for all to see, like never before, to inspire other nations.

Turning to Wednesday’s violence, the President said Zimbabwe will not allow the violent actions of the few to distract the democratic expression of the majority.

Cde Mnangagwa said he is proud and humbled to have been elected President of the Republic and pledged to be the president of all Zimbabweans, including those who did not vote for him as both must belong to and participate in national processes.


“I pledge to be a president of those who voted for me and those who did not. I will do all in my power ….to prove myself to those who did not. I salute you all. I pray that I prove worthy of your trust. The time for politics is now behind us. Now begins the time for work and progress,” he said.

He paid tribute to his campaign team and fellow candidates for their contribution to the democratic process.

He also had a special message to Nelson Chamisa of the MDC Alliance saying Chamisa has a crucial role to play in Zimbabwe’s unfolding future, saying both of them should call for peace and unity in the land louder than ever before.

“Let us both call for peace and unity in our land, call for both louder than ever,” President Mnangagwa said.

To all Zimbabweans, the President had a message to them saying although they were divided at the polls, they are now united in the aftermath of the democratic process and in their dreams and aspirations.

“I thanked the people of Zimbabwe for putting their faith in me to lead them for the next 5 years,” he said.

He urged those who are not happy with the outcome of the polls to be calm and peaceful and remember that Zimbabweans are brothers and sisters and they should move together as one to work for a better Zimbabwe.

After his address the journalists had question time, followed by a walk about in the garden, and the paparazzis would not miss the chance of posing for selfies with the newly elected leader of the Second Republic of Zimbabwe, clearly demonstrating his humility and down to earth character.


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