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From NFL To Neurosurgeon!! NFL Myron Rolle Didn’t Want To Be Known As Just Another Athlete!!


When it comes to America’s most adored football game, Myron Rolle, was No. 1 in the US. He played football well, but did not want to be known as another athlete. He was a First Team Freshman All-American in 2006 and won the third All-America team and the second All-ACC team honors in 2008, his last season in Tallahassee. Myron Rolle was rated by ESPN as the # 1 rookie in the US in 2006, so it’s no wonder he went on to play in the NFL.

Decided to postpone his entry into the NFL draft for a full year to study medicine in Oxford, England, he was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship, the most prestigious academic award given.

Coming back to the United States, the Tennessee Titans took over Rolle, selecting him in the sixth round of the 2010 draft, was released in early 2011, however, and in the midst of success, thought about his personal achievement and followed his instinct.

Now, after much study, he will graduate this spring of 2017 with his doctorate from Florida State University College of Medicine.

In the end, it’s an incredible experience to play alongside some of the best athletes in the world.


He is also the chairman of the Myron L. Rolle Foundation, which serves people in need in the areas of health, wellness, and education in the United States and around the world.

The mark he leaves on others is one of hope and of believing that everything is possible, just wants and fight, just as he lutes inside the field, now he fights in other fields.


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