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From Gardener to Graduate: the Inspiring Story of South Africa’s Lukhanyo Mafu

An inspiring article about an elderly man, once a gardener at Fort Hare University (UFH), recently touched the hearts of some social media users and just graduated.
Seven years ago, Lukhanyo Mafu maintained plants at the University of Fort Hare (UFH) in South Africa. He worked as a gardener and earned a meager daily income.
Today, he graduated in Social Sciences at the same university where he was employed as a gardener.

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Some people were scandalized by the fact that this old man only received an indecent compensation per day when he took care of the gardens of the university. But today all these people show immense joy at the graduation of Mafu.

Lukhanyo can now proudly say that he holds a degree in social sciences.

What we must remember from this beautiful story of Mafu is that it is enough to want to be able to. 

Mafu worked tirelessly as a gardener, he believed in him and today he is a graduate. He is just the perfect example of “Black Excellence”.

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