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From Dealer to Dreamer: Man Who Served Jail Time Opens 1st Walmart Barber

Despite having spent time in jail, Shaun “Lucky” Corbett, a 40-year old ex-felon, turned his fortunes around to become a thriving professional barber and entrepreneur.

From Charlotte, North Carolina, Corbett opened his very own barbershop called Da Lucky Spot Barbershop.

Located inside of a Walmart store, reports that Shaun has made history as the first black entrepreneur to ever do this.

Determined Black man who served jail time opens first-ever barbershop inside Walmart (photos)

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From selling drugs to turning his life around.

Shaun turned to selling drugs at the age of 12, not knowing what he wanted to do at that age, and since then had a long record of criminal charges.

He finally realised that he didn’t want his life to go down the drain, but finding a job became a challenge as a former felon until he got a job at a local grocery store.


A determined Shaun enrolled in a barber school in 2005 and subsequently worked at a pizzeria to cover his R140 000 tuition.

However, he almost quit when his old friends made fun of him and were calling him “pizza boy”, but he kept going.

The following year, Shaun became a full-time barber with his own chair.

In 2010, he saved up enough money and managed to buy the shop where he worked and converted it into his first Lucky Spot shop on North Tyrone Street.

More than just an entrepreneur

Da Lucky Spot has become more than a shop. It now serves as a space for community programmes.

In September, people from the local community gathered to celebrate the grand opening of Da Lucky Spot Barbershop, and Walmart presented him with a massive cheque that would go to his non-profit programme to help more young men go to barber school.

Shaun said during his speech for the grand opening, “Every time that you see that name and that logo inside of Walmart, you’re going to know what it stands for.”


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