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French President, Emmanuel Macron To Donate 0.55% Of His Country’s Revenue To ‘Official Development Assistance’ In Africa

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday called on New York to ” re-think multilateralism  ” so as to no longer ”  let the voice of the stronger prevail  ” in discussions on issues of international concern. 
” The protection of refugees is a moral and political duty. It is necessary to help countries of origin and transit to better manage the flow  of refugees, Emmanuel Macron recommended to his peers, reports the special envoy of the Senegalese news agency, promising to grant 0.55% of the national income for official development assistance,”  within five years “.


”  We want this public aid to come on the ground in a simple and effective way, ” Macron added, attending the United Nations General Assembly for the first time as head of state.

States should invest in education to ”  combat obscurantism “, he said, referring to the holding of an international meeting in Dakar in February 2018 on the eradication of Jihadist terrorism.

“We  will also need to invest in health and support women’s place in culture and freedom of expression, ” Macron said.

As for global warming, ”  nature reminds us of order and it does not negotiate ,” he warned, assuring that ”  France will not back down  ” with regard to the implementation of the agreement Paris on climate, an agreement concluded in November 2015.


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