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French First Lady Brigitte Macron Also Wears Two Wedding Rings: Here’s the dramatic reason why

Like her husband Emmanuel Macron, Brigitte also wears two wedding rings, and yet her husband has only offered one. This is the dramatic story behind the other ring of the First Lady.

Indeed, if the one that Brigitte Macron wears in the left ring finger is a gift from Emmanuel Macron to signify their union and their love in the eyes of all, this is not the case of the second.

As reported by our fellow Gala, the reason why the former French teacher, too, two alliances, is however much more tragic.


Indeed, Brigitte is eight years old when her older sister, pregnant, kills herself with her husband in a car accident. Since then, she wears her sister’s wedding ring on her and says she “continues to accompany her every day. “

In her very first interview with the weekly Elle, as first lady, Brigitte reveals that she was only 8 years old at the time and is forever marked by this tragedy. “She’s with me, every day of my life,” she explained then, grateful that she had since had a “terror of death.” “As a child, she came into my life. And when it comes up, you are totally disconcerted. Nothing helps you. A jewel that reminds her every day how much she admired and loved this big sister who had left far too soon.


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