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French Election 2017! Barack Obama Reveals His Choice Between Emmanuel Macron And Marine Le Pen! (Watch Video)

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Last Wednesday evening, millions of people followed the debate between Macron and Le Pen, the two candidates qualified for the second round of the presidential election in France on 7 May.

Indeed, in a heated debate, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen clashed in the great debate between the two towers. It was a duel often confused, the two finalists of the presidential election going for blow.

However, three days before the second round of presidential elections, Barack Obama announced his support for Emmanuel Macron in a video posted on Thursday afternoon by the presidential candidate. True weight support.

Contacted by franceinfo, Laurence Haïm explains that the video was recorded in Washington (United States) on Wednesday. “He sent it to us in the night. With Emmanuel Macron, we were extremely pleased and touched by the gesture of the former President of the United States, “ said the candidate’s spokesman , adding that ” the two teams have been talking long enough. “

“The French election is of capital importance for the future of France and the values ​​we cherish, because the success of France imports to the whole world. I admire the campaign Emmanuel Macron conducted. He defended progressive values. He highlighted the important role that France plays in Europe and in the world. (…) I recently had the pleasure of talking with Emmanuel about his movement and his vision for the future of France. I know that you face many challenges and I want all my friends in France to know how much I want your success. Because this election is too important, I want you to know that I support Emmanuel Macron to move forward. ”
Note that Barack Obama never quotes the name of Marine Le Pen in the video. He prefers to emphasize that the candidate of En marche! “Addresses the hopes of the French, not their fears”.

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