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#FreeBobbyWine: Kenyans Now Turn Guns on Strongman Paul Kagame

Kenyans have now turned their heads towards Rwanda and are now demanding the freedom of Diane Rwigara, a prominent critic of President Paul Kagame, who has been in jail for almost a year now.

Ms Rwigara was arrested and charged with inciting insurrection against the state, as well as other offences.

She was blocked from challenging Kagame in last year’s presidential election in August.

She was arrested on September 22, along with her mother and sister for alleged tax evasion and forgery as well as for inciting insurrection.

In June 2018, Rwandan authorities auctioned off her family’s business assets and sold machinery from the family’s tobacco business for almost Sh2 billion ($2m) in a bid to recover Sh7 billion ($7m) in tax arrears.

The family says the auction and charges against her are politically motivated.

Now Kenyans on social media have started the hashtag #DianeRwigara just days after they did the same for Uganda’s MP Robert Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobby Wine.




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  1. Kenyans first finish with your home shits then go for others Rwanda has got a very big lesson that u must learn no descrimination no ukabila kama nyinyi and then you here shouting at our president plz mujiangalie

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