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Fraud Of The Century- Meet The Self Acclaimed King Of Africa- His Obscene Photos Took Internet By Wind

Nwaneri is the founder of South West African Forum, SWAF which aims for African unity, love and peace while resisting Western ideals. Astonishingly he helped create the Glorious Voice of Africa which helps promote African gospel singers.

Francis Kelechi Nwaneri So I share the photo of the man claiming to be the Paramount Chief of Africa, flanked by topless young ladies. .  Now we know have more details on mysterious Francis Kelechi Nwaneri. 

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Nwaneri cuts across as a mysterious figure. Who made him the Paramount Chief of Africa and what’s his background? Like his name indicates he is from Nigeria who comes from Imo state.

He studied Aeronautic Engineering in Britain in 1990. Six years later he came back to Nigeria and got a job with the Nigerian Air Force claims his online bio.


After getting his Scuba Open Water 1-3 Certificates in Canada, he was promoted to Flight Lieutenant in the Air Force.

This is where Nwaneri’s bio takes an interesting turn. After creating a successful company, Frankton, which packaged and airlifted goods he left the business for his family and went to South Africa.

In South Africa, his plan was to study and train in “advanced shooting range, ammunition development and the handling of sophisticated weapons.” This was in 2002. He didn’t get the chance to carry out his plan.

On his way to his hotel room from O.R Tambo Airport he was attacked by five men in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. They took all his belongings.

The robbery incident supposedly led to an epiphany.

“He was very angry and noticed that there was a high crime here in South Africa and committed himself to do something to assist the South African government with his know-how” claims the bio on his website.

He created a private security company in South Africa known as  Crime Combactors two years after his robbery. The company flourished.

In 2015 he was made the Paramount Chief of Africa by King Bungane III of Amahlubi Royal Kingdom of Embo. This honour was bestowed on him because of his contribution to battling crime in South Africa.

A royal mandate was given to Chief Francis Nwaneri “to unite all Africans and to protect the African culture and heritage.”

The Paramount Chief is married with six children


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