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France’s Presidential Candidate; Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “I Will Discuss With The Devil, If Necessary, For My Country”

Often criticized for his position in the Syrian dossier, the candidate of France Insoumise persists and signs: to defend the interests of his country, he says he is ready to discuss with all interlocutors. Even the “illuminated ideologues” of the EU.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the man in the shape of this end of campaign, refined his vision of international politics during an exchange with readers of the Parisien on 16 April.

The candidate of France Insoumise, first refuted to take any country as a model, considering that France was “too big for that”, before insisting on the idea that he was “partners” of the country.


And the least that can be said is that he is open to dialogue, whatever his interlocutor: “I will argue with the devil, if necessary, for my country”, he said With its usual verve.

“It has always been the Gaullist and Mitterrandian politics: we do not argue with regimes, but with countries,” he added, taking the opposite of the current French diplomacy. “We do not care who runs them,” he said.

This should reassure the European leaders with whom he assures the firm will to renegotiate the EU treaties and which he calls “illuminated ideologues, an absolute liberalism”.

Source: RT France


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