France’s Nicolas Sarcozy’ Son Reportedly Wants to Legalize the Sale Of Drugs

The son of Nicolas Sarcozy does not intend a career in politics just like his father. He has a different passion.

At 20, Louis Sarkozy already has very particular opinions.

Louis Sarkozy published a tribune on February 9 on Washington Examiner, defending the legalization of drugs. Which made a lot of people talk about him. In particular, he said that “the criminalization of drugs hurts society”.

He explains his point of view and says that exorbitant sums are spent in the fight against drug use. Sarkozy’s son also talks about arrests and overdoses.


This is for him a vain struggle. For if the idea is not to imitate the United States on drugs, Louis Sarkozy suggests relying on the policies of Portugal, which decriminalize them.

“If you’re alone at home and you take cocaine or methamphetamine you’re not hurting anyone. “

He did his education in the United States and is now marked by their culture. After attending an American military school, he is now a student at New York University, the NYU.

He also announces that he will apply for US citizenship. According to Louis, the free trade of the United States is a model to follow in our country.

Louis Sarkozy said to be supported by his mother, despite a more closed speech with his father. The debate continues and the ideas are opposed on the subject which is, he knows, taboo and very sensitive in France.


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