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France’s Kylian Mbappé Breaks the Record Set by Zidane and Ronaldo – VIDEO

While Paris Saint Germain emerged victorious against Manchester United in the Champions League, Kylian Mbappé, one of the Paris strikers, broke the record of goals in the league champions by Zidane and Ronaldo the Brazilian.

The young world champion scored the second goal of the game. which allowed him to total 14 goals scored as Zidane and Ronaldo. While it took 40 games for Brazilian to beat this record and 80 for the former coach of Real Madrid, it took only 24 games to Kylian Mbappé to score 14 goals.

It should also be noted that Kylian Mbappé has become the player with the highest ratio of goals scored away since 10 of his 14 goals have been scored on the road.


Kylian Mbappé questioned a few minutes after the match by our colleagues of  RMC  on the probable absences of Neymar and Cavani during the return match on March 6, the world champion did not beat around the bush:  ” We must stop selling the fear. People have to stop being scared . “And the 20-year striker to say more about the substance of his thinking. ” Of course Neymar and Cavani are important, but football is played on the field, we showed it tonight (Tuesday). We need people to support us because we, we will also support Lyon next week. French football must go as far as possible in the European Cup. We are strong, stop being afraid. 


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