France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron Worries About Her Husband’s State of Health

When you hold the office of President of the Republic, that is not easy at all. Because, the task is immense to the point where the health can take a serious blow. This is undoubtedly the case of the current French president, Emmanuel Macron.

According to Le Parisien , Emmanuel Macron ” visibly loses weight ” which would worry the First Lady … The magazine Gala goes in the same direction by titling ”  Macron tired, thin, how his wife Brigitte watch grain”.

Having already spent about a year and a half at the head of France, Emmanuel Macron seems already exhausted physically by the constraints of this high office.

In its edition of Monday, October 22, Parisian journalists interviewed relatives of the head of state who say he “took expensive” physically.

When you count your trips in France and abroad, you realize that they are for something. In all, the French president has already made 170 trips in France and 66 abroad

” He is losing weight visibly ,” says a minister. ” He sometimes does not realize that he is in another time zone, ” says an Elyos advisor. ” They run France together with Alexis Kohler. It’s normal for it to be worn out, “adds another advisor.

To try to recover forces, Emmanuel Macron offers himself a few days off in the official residence of the Lantern in the park of the castle of Versailles. A place where he can go some weekends in the company of Brigitte Macron unlike their residence Le Touquet. No doubt, Brigitte takes advantage of this moment to take care of her husband.

The Parisian also indicates that the head of the French State boxing with his security officers to relieve the pressure, as is the case of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

Credit: Yahoo News

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