France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron Erupts Her Anger Against Her Husband Emmanuel Macron

The journalist Frédéric Helbert recently posted on twitter a message in which he said that the President of the French Republic would have taken a “tan” from his wife angry. The media man would have had this information through a security officer at the Elysee. The incident did not go unnoticed on the Web.

The First Lady of France has erupted her anger against her husband, President Emmanuel Macron, a man already  unbalanced by a popularity in free fall and overwhelmed by business and political decadence, could we read in the messages posted on Twitter by the journalist Frédéric Helbert.  



Most of the reactions observed on social networks went in the direction of congratulating this approach of the French First Lady.




Since last August, the French ” reproach President Macron for his behavior and inefficiency “, the French President raised an uproar during his visit to Saint-Martin where he posted himself in the company of two individuals known to police services and making obscene gestures. So much so that the President of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, said: ” One wonders what the French have done to him so that he abuses them so systematically? 


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