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France Toughens Schengen Visa for Moroccans, Other Africans

It will be more difficult for Moroccans to obtain a Schengen visa for France, even for those who are used to going there.


In recent weeks, the consulates of France to the kingdom are stricter on the files filed, reports the newspaper Al Massae, according to which incomplete files are automatically rejected even for those who have the habit of going to the hexagon.

Sources quoted by the newspaper indicate that France is currently deploying a new system, the same in Algeria and should be identical in all French consulates abroad. This new system provides the same requirements for any applicant and in any country.

Who says new device, said extension of the deadlines for the obtaining of the visa and currently it will be necessary to count several months before obtaining an appointment in the French consulates across the country.

Source: bladi


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