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France: Here’s Why President Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron are Always Madly in Love

President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte are one of the most controversial celebrity couples in the world. Criticized and mocked by several Internet users and media, the French president and his wife always look madly in love with each other.


Despite the age difference that strikes the eye, the couple is stronger than ever. At each public release, the clichés show a happy, jovial and accomplice couple.

If their age difference does not affect their romantic relationship, it’s because there is a little secret behind.

At the beginning of 2019, the first French lady explained why she and her husband are so close and accomplices.

There is this little thing that she imposes on her Macron every week to maintain the marital warmth of their relationship.

11 years that this story lasts and Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron form a couple more than solid. Since arriving at the Elysee, Brigitte imposes on her beloved, every week, one or two outings in Paris to escape the palace for a night.

“She makes sure to be able to leave the Élysée with him once or twice a week. And you will hear from time to time Parisians say ‘Here we have seen’ … They go out to dinner at the restaurant, go to the theater … This is very very important for her, this idea that the Elysee isolates, that the Elysee encloses. They need to walk, “said the managing editor of Paris Match magazine.


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