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France: Brawl in a Church During a Prayer for Gabon’s President Ali Bongo (Video)

A brawl recently broke out in a church in France during a mass requested for the healing of Gabonese President Ali Bongo. In a video that circulates on the web and which is currently a big buzz, we can see the celebrant of the day in full consecratory prayer.

The celebrant priest first prayed for the pope and the bishops, so that they could be assisted by the almighty in their heavy pastoral charge. But it is at the moment when he evokes the name of Ali Bongo to ask God to assist him so that it recovers the health that the mass took another tounure.

Opponents of the regime of the Gabonese head of state who took part in this Eucharistic celebration are unleashed and make statements that disrupt the mass.

For some, ”  Ali Bongo is a murderer, a criminal, he killed the Gabonese, we can not pray for an assassin. The priest should not accept saying prayers for an assassin who kills Gabonese. “


From this moment, the voices rise between the opponents of Ali Bongo’s regime and the simple faithful who came to pray. Others more reserved and some nuns try to calm each other, but the voices rise more beautiful. Some opponents of Ali Bongo and some faithful come to blows. Mass is disturbed and the fight begins.

“Even if one is opposed to Ali Bongo and his regime, it remains that a place of prayer is a sacred place that must be respected. To engage in a fight in a church is sacrilege that must be avoided, “ says a faithful.


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