France: Asked About the Libya Financing of His Campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy Runs Away (Video)

This Tuesday, May 22, in the mid-day, the team of Cash Investigation  was interested in Nicolas Sarkozy.

Run by the famous journalist, Elise Lucet, this team went to the hotel where Nicolas Sarkozy took part in the general meeting of the AccorHotels group. Having noticed the presence of the journalist and all her team, Nicolas Sarkozy suddenly left the room.

However, he is caught up in the corridors of the hotel that lead to the exit by Elise Lucet. The latter will try in vain to get his opinion on the issue of Libyan financing of his campaign in 2007. But the former French president will refuse to answer questions that will be asked by the journalist.

He will not say a single word on the various questions that will be asked by Elise Lucet and will just hurry to enter his car.

For the journalist, it was the only chance to ask questions about Libya and the financing of his campaign in 2007. The former candidate for the presidency of the Republic is caught up in the corridors: “Mr. Sarkozy, hello. It’s Elise Lucet … ”

A few weeks earlier, the former French president had been placed under judicial control. He is believed to have received funding from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi for his campaign in 2007. It was this funding that allowed him to win the elections and become president of the republic in France.

Claude Guéant the former director of the cabinet of Mr. Sarkozy is also suspected of complicity and to have transported the bags of money for President Sarkozy. The survey shows that from 2003 to 2012, Claude Guéant had withdrawn from his account only 800 euros. Withdrawing 800 euros in 9 years in a monthly bank account is very curious.

In June 2007, he pays 944 euros in cash for silverware. The following year, in June also, it is 7,900 euros for bedding, and three months later, he remakes his cooking, and pays a cash portion, with 20 tickets of 500 euros, or 10.000 euros in total.

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