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France: An African Migrant Committed Suicide By Throwing Himself On The Rails At The Station Of Raincy!!





Nothing acceptable for the family, justifies, for the moment, the suicide of a Senegalese from the Paris region. And yet, the blow is received with dignity. Father of a family, a man of about fifty years left his home in the town of Raincy while heading for the railway station of his city of residence. ”  according to sources close to the family,  he had bid farewell to his wife; Telling her she did not deserve it. And as a result, he asked for forgiveness .

Believing in a joke of bad taste of this charming husband who ran behind him for more than ten years before marrying him last year, the woman – who did not know that her husband, at the end of the roll these Lately, had decided to put an end to his days, had continued to attend to his occupations. Residing in France for many years and helping to bring members of his family there, the man began to lose feet since his last break with an Ivorian.

”  Yet , according to the first confidences obtained by from the relatives of the victim, (man)  was very depressed lately and did not sleep very much during the nights “. Unaccustomed to religious practices, he had recently searched extensively in Islamic books in the hope of finding answers to his existence.


But as the weight of responsibility was too heavy on his shoulders; Especially because of the heavy expenses he faced – he had two divorces that cost him heavy support payments – man thought that he no longer had a place among the living. ”  His family, to whom he gave everything, the one for whom he sacrificed everything, did not extend his hand to him, in return, when everyone knew that he was drifting  dangerously . Accused a friend of the deceased.

Tired of this life, in which he no longer found his place, our compatriot decided to put an end to his life, throwing himself on the rails, in front of passengers waiting nervously for their train. Although surprised by this violent act, some passengers like the cameras of surveillance of the station of Le Raincy captured the last moments of life of the fifty years. And in Paris, images start to circulate via social networks.

The body of our compatriot is currently at the medical medical institute of Paris – Metro Bastille in the 12th arrondissement – where the family will be able to retrieve it Thursday. The new wife of the man – they have been married for less than a year – as his last employers have been long heard by the Parisian judicial police. And a psychological follow-up was offered to the passengers of the station who attended this spectacular suicide.


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