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France: All the Light on Rumors of Expulsion of Malian ‘Spider Man’ Mamoudou Gassama

Much has been written about this information in recent hours. And for good reason, a rumor has reported the forthcoming expulsion of Mamoudou Gassama, the undocumented Malian who had saved a child from a fall of the fourth floor before being erected as a hero and naturalized French. Very quickly, the info went around the web, provoking virulent reactions. In truth, the reality is quite different.

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“Mamoudou Gassama, the unknown become a national celebrity after saving a child falling from a balcony in Paris, May 26, risk expulsion? This is what the website “Hits2babi” says in an article on July 16 entitled “Mamoudou Gassama loses French nationality and risks deportation: fake or real”.

The 22-year-old Malian, who has been widely publicized since the video of his exploit became viral, would have been stripped of French nationality soon after Emmanuel Macron, according to the publication – in grammatically dubious sentences. announced its future naturalization “, inform our colleagues of 20Minutes.


He added by repeating the article at the origin of the rumor: “according to a report of 4 pages given Wednesday to the French president Emmanuel Macron, the father of the boy and a friend whose name was given as Jean-Pierre put in scene the act of monetizing the video on YouTube. […] The report advised President Emmanuel Macron to revoke the citizenship of Gassama, which he did accordingly. Macron says Gassama evicted while accomplices are being prosecuted

In the end therefore, as expected, it is not. Mamoudou Gassama is under no threat and he continues to live peacefully on his little cloud.



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