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Four True Mirror Movies To African American History!!

Do you know how difficult it is to represent the every minute moment of your life struggle in the form of a film or movie? Seems quite easy but in reality it is really a tough job! But the talented African American directors have done a fabulous job in showing their people’s hard life just as they lead in reality. They make history to repeat itself via reel life. The exclusive directors show the world that how it is to fight alone. These movies make us feel the actual conditions of the African Americans ranging between the ages of slavery to the current times.

The suffering, the anger, the frustration and the will to overcome all the difficulties is what these extraordinary movies speak about.  Further, the talented actors or the lead roles in these movies justify the reality in each and every scene of these movies. The five movies that speak more about the known facts are given below:

  1. 12 years a slave (2013)

Well, who would dare to miss the Oscar winning movie at the first place! The heart taking story includes the abduction of a free black man from New York. The man “Solomon Northup” was kidnapped and sold into the heinous world of slavery.  The period drama film was directed by Steve McQueen. And no doubt that he had done a marvelous job. The free African American ‘Solomon Northup’ was working as a violinist and was happily living with his family in New York. He was a free man by birth but he was forcefully turned into a slave. The movie staged a slave’s life and his 12 year of struggle to come back into the real world.

  1. Amistad (1997)

Amistad was a historical drama directed by Steven Spielberg. This challenging movie was based on the true story of the slave ship ‘La Amistad’. In 1839 a tribe of Africans was kidnapped for the slave trade. The ship was travelling from Cuba to the U.S.

The movie shows the exploitation on the Africans. The movie depicts about the real challenges accepted by the abolitionist lawyer and how he fights for the slaves’ rights. The struggle of freedom gives them a release from this slavery system by the order of the Supreme Court.

  1. Ali (2001)

The high profile movie ‘Ali’ highlights the real life of the worldwide famous Boxer “Muhammad Ali”. It shows the effects of political and social conditions of the times on his life. “Will Smith” just fit the role and justified his real and reel life. He adopted Islam and converted his name from ‘Cassius Clay’ to ‘Muhammad Ali’.

The movie shows that how he pursued his passion and how he earned his name in the world.

  1. Glory (1989)

The movie shows the time of the American Civil War. The main Character of the movie ‘Shaw’ was an officer in the Federal Army, who was the first lead volunteer of the first company of black soldiers. He was compelled to kill his own people and the commanding officers of the blacks.  The movie was a real thriller inspired by the true facts.

These are the 4 movies that act as a mirror to display the real life of the brave African Americans. The blacks have shown the world about their undying courage and their immense power to deal with such crimes.


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