Four Tips To Help You Make Better Decisions

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Decisions go a long way in determining the quality of life we live. This is simply because every aspect of our lives is a reflection of the decisions we make.

The house you reside in, the office you work at, the friends you keep, and the habits you indulge in, among others, are all determined by decisions.

From the foregoing, this piece examines some useful tips to help you make better decisions so that the outcome will be positive and match up to the quality of life you aspire to live.

  • Tame your emotions

How are you feeling at the time when you’re about to make a decision? Excited, nervous, sad, terrified, or hopeful? Your emotion at that time will greatly affect the type of decision you end up making.

For instance, if you’re feeling hopeful about your financial state in a few months, you may decide to take a loan with hopes of repaying once you’re financially buoyant.

On the other hand, if you felt terrified at the point of making that decision, you probably wouldn’t take a loan but source for other means of getting money.

Identifying your emotions and properly labelling them will help predict the decisions you’ll be making. It will also help to tame your emotions when making big decisions.

You won’t always be able to set your emotions aside when making decisions. However, being able to do this as much as possible will pay off most of the time.

  • Consider contrary opinions

One of the reasons we make bad decisions is because we neglect contrary opinions. We tend to hold on tightly to our routine or default action plans and never explore alternative options.

Sometimes, all it takes to make better decisions is to look at both sides of the matter at hand. Consider thoroughly the pros and cons of both options.

  • Make decisions based on your values

Sometimes, the answer to making better decisions is sticking to one’s personal values. Unfortunately, we don’t usually do this often enough.

For the sake of context, personal value is considered as part of the moral code that guides our actions and defines who we are.

This means that making decisions aligning with your personal values will always serve as extra motivation for you to take such decisions seriously.

  • Have a plan B

We won’t always make good decisions and that’s completely fine. It’s one of those things that makes us humans. Factors like misinformation, ignorance, and a short time frame could cause us to make bad decisions since we were under pressure, in a haste, or without sufficient information when making such a decision.

Hence, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan or plan B to fall back on should the decision we make end up in tears. 

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