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Four Places to Visit in Africa


Africa is such a hugely diverse and rich continent for visitors: beautiful animals, vast landscapes and welcoming people. It’s hard to pick which places you may want to explore first when you visit, so here are some ideas for you to think about if you’re looking to book a trip.




Safari holidays are popular with those planning a trip somewhere on the African continent. One of the best places to head for is Tanzania, which is where you’ll find the expansive Serengeti National Park.


This conservation area will guarantee to take your breath away: with vast expanses of plains and woodlands, it’s also home to millions of animals – such as wildebeest, zebras and gazelles to name just a few. The wildebeests are the stars of the annual Great Migration, when the herds move from the south to the north during May when the droughts set in. The animals return in October with the rains.


Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, is in the north-eastern part of Tanzania. The dormant volcano is a favourite destination for trekkers looking for a challenge, and to experience the site’s diverse surroundings.




Zambia and Zimbabwe not only share a border, but also one of the most spectacular sights on the African continent: Victoria Falls. At more than a kilometre wide and 100 metres tall, it is the largest sheet of flowing water in the world.



Activities you can take part in at the site range from helicopter rides, to trail walking. However, if those aren’t your sort of thing, you could explore the national parks either side of the waterfall (and national borders).


Depending on when in the year you decide to go will affect what the flow of the falls will be like: June or July is between the heights of the rainy and dry seasons.




This northern African country has a rich history and has many iconic sites popular with tourists. One of those is the pyramids of Giza, near the Egyptian capital of Cairo.


These pyramids are one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, built in the 26th Century BC. The largest of these is the Great Pyramid and, at 146 metres tall, was considered the tallest structure to be built by hand until the Eiffel Tower was completed (although some believe other sites may have beaten it).


South Africa


The southernmost country on the continent has some stunning places to visit. Near the southern tip there’s Table Mountain, one of the most photographed sites in the country. In the national park the mountain is in, you’ll find the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens plus a wide variety of plants, flowers and animals. You can also go penguin spotting at the Boulders.


For stunning views over the area, take a cable car up to the top of Table Mountain. At 1,086 metres above sea level you’ll see a great panoramic view of Cape Town, the Atlantic ocean and the park itself. It really is a don’t-miss destination when planning your trip to this magnificent continent.


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