“Hey, I’m Not Racist, “I Dated a Black Woman Once” – Sam Russell

Sam Russell, 53, of Salt Lake City, Utah, probably had a feeling his online dating startup, Where White People Meet, would stir up a little trouble. Maybe that’s why the site’s About Us page avoids naming Russell or his wife, Jodie, and why their address is listed as a P.O. box in Dallas.

Now we get it…there’s all kinds of niche dating websites like Black People Meet, Christian Mingle, JDate, etc. But come on…doesn’t this seem a little racist? “We are not racist at all, without question,” Sam stated. “Our lifestyle shows it. The things we do. The people we associate with. The way we conduct ourselves each and every day proves it.”

Sam and Jodie are the owners of the two-month-old dating website. They launched their business with a big-ass billboard in their hometown of Salt Lake City, where the population is more than 90% white. Sort of like preaching to the choir, but then there’s the internet… Photos got out, and the protests began.


The billboard created such chaos that the city took it down. Sam and Jodie said they knew their site was controversial and in fact, the entrepreneurial pair is hoping to turn public outrage into profit. “We were just capitalizing on that market — that multi-million-dollar market,” said Jodie.

“I dated a black girl for quite a while,” Sam added. “We actually lived together for a few months — this is when I was younger. I don’t know if we were very serious but that relationship lasted about a year. Jodie and I have a lot of great black friends, so I think it surprises people a little bit.”

In fact, they argue that their site promotes conversation about racialequality, not hatred. Hmmm.

We’re not judging, ok what the hell yes we are….because anytime somebody has to say “I have a lot of great black friends…” well, you just gotta wonder. So what would make you start a website like this then? But that ain’t none of our business….


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  1. “White People Meet” is not a racist website @ all and this is their right to support helping other’s that can identify with each other meet. What is wrong people? as it has been stated you have Black people meet, you have sites for Russians, Asians, Armenian couples, you have sites for Africans, and these sites are exclusive to whom the individuals that are visiting are in search of and this is a perfectly natural way to meet someone minus all the embarrassment of having to ask their race. Why is it these days that people are using what we call “PREFERENCE” to call people out as racist? How about this “LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE & STAY OUT OF THEIR BUSINESS” whites most definitely do have the right to meet and not only meet but be exclusive about who they desire to meet and how in the world do you expect them to wake up every morning and look at their self but then feel embarrassed about dating someone with whom they can identify with or with similar looks and features be hair texture, skin texture, body build…? Butt out of people’s business who have you become…THE WHO WE CAN NOW DATE OR MARRY WHICH WOULD BE ANYONE BUT OUR OWN POLICE BUTT OUT!

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