Found in Botswana, the second largest diamond world now has a name

It weighs 1,111 carats and measures 65mm x 56mm x 40mm. This is the largest diamond ever found in Botswana and the second largest diamond in the world to date. He was baptized Lesedi La Rona meaning ” Our Light ”. This is the end of a competition launched on 18 January by the Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond Corp who discovered the stone, that name was chosen. More than 11 000 people took part in this competition where contestants were asked to make proposals names and explain their choices.

An impartial jury

The services of Ernst & Young audit firm have been asked to ensure transparency and independence of the process leading to the choice of the name of the stone. Five executives of the mining company Lucara also served on the jury, enjoying the proposals without knowing the identity of the candidates. The experts from Ernst & Young have recovered the winner of the competition after you choose the name of the diamond.


This is the proposal of Thembani Moitlhobogi – Lesedi The Rona – which won the competition, enabling the candidate to win a bonus of $ 35 000. Very proud of the diamond piece and the name it carries, William Lamb, CEO of Lucara Diamond said:

“The pride and patriotism shown by participants was incredible. The diamond industry plays an important role in the development of the country and Lesedi La Rona symbolizes the pride and history of the people of Botswana. “



Lesedi La Rona was found in November 2015 Korowe mine, owned Lucara Diamond Corp. For now, and perhaps for a long time, the biggest diamond in the world remains the Cullinan with a size of 3106 carats. It was discovered in South Africa and holds the record since 1905.



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