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Former Zimbabwean President Mugabe Shows the World How to Go on Retirement at 95 [Photos]

Robert Mugabe, the former Zimbabwean president is definitely showing you how to live out your retirement after he was seen looking trendy in a new photo that hit the internet.

Mugabe, who wore suits impeccably in his 37 years in power, was forced into retirement after he was toppled in 2017 by a military coup.

Mugabe’s first son posted an image of himself and his father in Adidas sportswear on Instagram as Mugabe lives out his final years in Singapore.

The last time Mugabe made a major public appearance was at a press conference on July 2018 on the eve of Zimbabwe’s election in which he vowed he would not vote for the man who ousted him.

27-year-old Robert Junior, a basketball player for the Zimbabwe national team, kept to the sports theme in a caption to the latest picture: “Hot boys up 20 in the fourth quarter.”

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Mugabe health fears
Mugabe health fears: Former Zimbabwe dictator looks frail in pictures released by son (Image: Jamie Pyatt News)
Mugabe health
Mugabe’s health is in question after President Mnangagwa said the ex-leader could no longer walk (Image: Jamie Pyatt News)
Mugabe health fears
Mugabe health fears: The former Zimbabwean was pictured alongside his wife, Grace, and son Robert Jr (Image: Jamie Pyatt News)

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