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Former WWE Star is Selling Photos of Her Poo and Fans are Buying

It’s fair to say some people will do just about anything to make a little extra cash.

But one woman has taken things to a whole new level with her unusual money-making scheme.

Former WWE rookie and alternative model Shotzi Blackheart, real name Ashley Urbanski, has been offering her devoted fans on social media the chance to purchase photos of her poo – and it seems they are more than happy to oblige her.

Shotzi, who is known for her time competing on WWE’s Tough Enough, has been charging people Sh500 for a photo showing the contents of her toilet.

The Californian wrestler, who is now working with SHIMMER Women Athletes and RISE Wrestling, shared proof on Twitter that people had in fact been buying the bizarre pics.

A screen shot showed one mystery purchaser make a Sh500 transaction, adding: “FYI I am doing this to support you not because I am some weirdo.”


Unfazed, Shotzi simply replied: “Whatever bud no judgement here. Welcome to the toilet elite!”

The wrestler first began advertising her poo photos on Sunday, February 3 – the same day as the Superbowl.

The wrestler has been selling photos of her poo for Sh500.

She posted: “It’s Superbowl Sunday! Paypal me $5 and I’ll send you a picture of this morning’s dump!”

Many of her followers were confused by the original post, asking if she was serious.

One said: “I have so many questions and I want none of them answered.”

Another commented: “This has to be a test of how bizarre some people are.”

A third joked: “I mean, I’ve done worse things with my money…”

However the odd stunt seems to be nothing more than a bit of fun for Shotzi, who advised Twitter trolls to “laugh more” after they asked if it was “the best she could do” to make money.


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