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Former US President, Barack Obama Pulled Mark Zuckerberg Aside And Had This To Say…

Ex US President Barack Obama allegedly pulled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg aside and made an observation concerning the danger of fake news and political disinformation seriously. This report was revealed by Washington Post.

Obama cautioned that unless Facebook and its administration accomplished more to address the risk, it would just deteriorate in the coming presidential race. That discussion purportedly happened only nine days after Zuckerberg expelled the possibility that phony news on Facebook affected the decision as “crazy,” just two months previously President Donald Trump’s introduction.

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Zuckerberg acknowledged the problems fake news posed, but told Obama they weren’t widespread and there wasn’t an easy remedy, according to sources who were briefed on the private exchange. The sources said that Obama hoped the conversation, which happened in a hotel room in Lima, Peru during a meeting of world leaders, would be a wake-up call for the CEO. In light of Trump’s election victory, Obama’s aides “wished they had done more.”


The accounts also detailed that Facebook detected elements of a Russian information operation in June 2016 and reported its findings to the FBI, but both struggled to work together to fight the issue.

Facebook has confronted negative feed backs over its treatment of phony news. In the months preceding this , it has blocked promotions from pages that spread fake news and acquainted a crusade indicating users how to spot counterfeit news.

A week ago, Zuckerberg reported more attempts at building Facebook’s standard for straightforwardness, requiring political advertisements to be traceable to the Facebook page that paid for it.

This conversation between both men was hoped by the Ex President to be a Wake up call.


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