Former U.S President, Obama Will Receive An Award for “Ethics in Government”

Former President Barack Obama, who never misses an opportunity to present himself as a champion of freedom, would call for rejecting “the growing pressure of authoritarian policies and policies”.

According to his director of communications, Obama, whose administration has been implicated in various scandals, is expected to accept an ethics award from the government at the University of Illinois on Sept. 7.

This award goes against this list of events during the Obama administration: the scandal Fast and Furious; the IRS targeting conservative groups; Obama sheds light on ISIS, calling it “the JV team”; protect the terrorist group Hezbollah by stopping the Cassandra project; James Rosen, Fox News, and to lie to the American people to sell the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal, among other adverse events.

Katie Hill, Obama’s director of communications, said, “Next week, President Obama will offer some new ideas about this moment and what he needs from the American people.” He will develop several of his speeches. summer, especially the fact that America is the best for our inclusive democracy. the citizens are engaged. He will echo his call to reject growing pressure from authoritarian politics and politics.

“And he will present arguments that he will make this fall, especially that Americans should not be victims of our own apathy by refusing to do the most basic thing required of us as citizens: to vote.”

The University’s Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government is awarded to a person who contributes to “the understanding and practice of ethical behavior in the public service,” according to the University.

Obama has recently pontificated in South Africa: “Strong policies are suddenly rising, whereby elections and some pretexts of democracy are maintained – the form of democracy – but leaders seek to undermine any institution or norm that gives meaning to democracy. democracy. He also said: “It is clear that racial discrimination still exists in the United States and South Africa.”

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