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Former Ivory Coast’ President Laurent Gbagbo Slams Ailing Ali Bongo

Former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo, currently on trial in The Hague, recently gave his views on the francafrique in an interview book he co-authored with journalist François Mattei. The leader of the FPI has not hesitated to send some pikes to some dignitaries and senior African officials who are for him key players in Françafrique.

 Free. For truth and justice . This is the title of Laurent Gbagbo’s book co-written with François Mattei, a journalist with Max Millo editions. It must be said that this book is an opportunity for the former Ivorian President to express his thoughts on Françafrique but also to give his opinion on the future.

Concerning the first point Laurent Gbagbo revealed that while he was in power, and that he began to become harmful for the French interests, France wanted his head.


Today in jail in the Hague, he does not hesitate to criticize two presidents he sees as craftsmen of the francafrique.

Laurent Gbagbo reveals in his book that two African presidents were the main instigators of the attacks against him. These are Blaise Compaoré and Ali Bongo. But the former Ivorian president is confident in his future and he does not hide that he could make his comeback on the political scene again in his country.

Laurent Gbagbo especially insisted again on the fact that he ” disturbed the French ” because of its popularity. He invites the French to deal with “Ali Bongo, which is nothing, even in his own country”. For him, Ali Bongo has the ideal profile that the French love and believes that ” it is a mistake in the medium and long term. “.  

As for former Burkinabè President Blaise Compaoré, Gbagbo states that ”  (…) There is today a public opinion in Africa. In Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré was hunted by his people. 


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