Former Ivorian President, Gbagbo Accuses ICC Of Being Biased During Visit To Native Village


Former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo returned to his native village, Mama, after exile, for the first in 10 years.

In his family residence, he addressed some traditional chiefs and executives of his FPI party where he accused the ICC of being biased.


It was the first time Gbagbo commented on the trial and his acquittal since his return to the country earlier this month

“At first I was a little scared. I told myself that maybe my people had committed crimes and then they hid it from me. Because hey, I didn’t have a gun so if I was arrested it was because of FDS: A troublesome man had to be pushed aside. A troublesome competitor so I was put there,” said Laurent Gbagbo.

He was speaking a day after his return to his village, where he had received a hero’s welcome from thousands of supporters.

Gbagbo was able to return to his country earlier this month after having been acquitted by the ICC on charges stemming from violence that claimed around 3,000 lives during 2010 elections.


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