Former Israeli Finance Minister: “Obama Must Return His Nobel Peace Prize”

Yesh Atid party chairman and former finance minister Yair Lapid urged former President Barack Obama to return his Nobel Peace Prize he received in 2009, if a report investigating the behavior of his administration towards the terrorist group Hezbollah is correct.

On Monday, Lapid responded to a report released Monday by Politico that the Obama administration has systematically shielded the Hezbollah terrorist group from prosecution, weakening the efforts of the US administration to fight drug trafficking (DEA) in its fight against Hezbollah’s global drug trade and money laundering.

“If the report is correct,” Lapid told party members at a meeting on Monday, “then Barack Obama must return the Nobel Peace Prize he received.”

In October 2009, Barack Obama, who took office in January, was selected for the Nobel Peace Prize this year, to everyone’s surprise, since he had done nothing to deserve it.

Lapid said he could not confirm Politico’s report, but if that were true, it would confirm Israel’s biggest fears about the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.


“First of all, at this point, all we know is a survey report on a respected website, so we do not know if it’s true or not. But if the report is correct, then Barack Obama must give back the Nobel Prize he has received. ”

“Israel has warned time and time again that there can be no link between the nuclear deal and anti-terrorist activity, especially against Hezbollah,” Lapid said. “We have specifically warned (on this link), because of the known connection between Hezbollah and Iran.”

According to Politico’s report, in 2008, the DEA launched what has been dubbed the “Cassandra Project”, a secret criminal investigation into Lebanon’s Hezbollah-based Shiite terrorist group.

Working in tandem with 30 US and foreign agencies, the DEA operation monitored Hezbollah drug trafficking, arms smuggling and money laundering over an eight-year period. The criminal operations of the terrorist group abroad are estimated to bring in about $ 1 billion a year.

The Obama administration has blocked the Cassandra Project, according to investigators, as part of its efforts to reach an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program.

“Hezbollah uses so-called legitimate businesses to finance, equip and organize its subversive activities,” former Treasury chief Katherine Bauer told a House committee in February.

“Under the Obama administration, however, these investigations have been put on hold for fear of tipping the boat with Iran and jeopardizing the nuclear deal.”


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